Subject Yourself to Hell, For Fun, at the SEAL Adventure Challenge

Before you head to the SEAL Adventure Challenge, you might want to start jogging or something.

And then after that, get in the best shape of your entire damn life and mentally prepare yourself for the worst day of it. Just do that and everything’ll be peachy.

Everyone, including those who ignore the real world successes and have only seen the Charlie Sheen movie, knows that Navy SEALs are some of the most highly trained and indestructible warriors on the planet. Most people have at least heard legends about the extreme training processes that get them there. Only the most daring, audacious, or aggressively idiotic will agree to engage in a program that compresses the SEALs’ famed Hell Week into a single day of unrelenting pain and exhaustion.

This is the SEAL Adventure Challenge. SEAL team 6 Chief Warrant Officer Don Mann did 20 years as a SEAL. Now he ensures truly bold men feel what he felt, over a 24 period so grueling, even Oliver Twist wouldn’t dare ask for more.


Ever done situps on a beach while a massive log weighing hundreds of pounds is pressed against your chest? How about running on wet sand that your feet can’t help but plunge deep into with every stride, while completely soaking wet, while still carrying that log? And then maybe a 500 yard swim (it’s SO much farther than you’re picturing) followed by a 1.5 mile sand run. That one’s log-less.

But then comes the drowning. They call it “drown-proofing,” but your body will know it as “the worst thing ever.” Just lay down on the beach with all your new, similarly insane buddies, interlock arms, and let the surf wash over your face, violently. No matter how bad you want to, you don’t get to move. Your body will be convinced that it’s drowning. Welcome to waterboarding camp.

But that’s not all! There’s of course plenty of running, and more huge logs, but those are easy by now. Or actually infinitely harder, since your body is about to give out, but at least they’re familiar. Next up is a pool, where new suffering is introduced. Ever tried to tread water with no hands? How about a while holding a brick above your head? Again: it’s all in the name of drown-proofing.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that you do all these things for 24 hours straight, without any sleep whatsoever? SEALs hate sleep.

Only 60% make it through the real Navy SEAL Hell Week, and they are hardened warriors already. The SEAL Adventure Challenge doesn’t reveal its attrition rate, but they also don’t take it easy on you just because you’re paying. You show up with your required supplies — shirt, pants, boots, watch, swim goggles, “money for emergencies” (no, paying the instructors off to pull your face out of the pounding waves doesn’t count as an emergency) — and they treat you like you want to be treated. Which is, of course, terribly.

Hey, if Charlie Sheen can do it…

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