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March 25, 2015

Dear Friend: 

Friend – I urgently need you to sign a time sensitive petition on Benghazi. It will take only a second. Please keep reading. 

Without OPSEC, without the Select Committee and Chairman Trey Gowdy, the “Emailghazi” scandal about Hillary Clinton’s email, would not exist. 

Chairman Gowdy has called on the American people to demand the release of Hillary Clinton’s email server to government investigators. 

If Chairman Gowdy needs citizen support – let’s give it to him! 

Click here right now to join OPSEC’s former Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Intelligence community members and Chairman Trey Gowdy’s in demanding the release of Hillary Clinton’s email server to government investigators. Click here now. 

**This petition will not be available to sign after midnight Sunday.** 

It’s no help to the investigation if we can’t put immediate pressure on Hillary. It has to happen by Sunday. 

After signing the petition, consider supporting OPSEC’s efforts by donating $10, $25 or whatever you can afford so we can distribute this to patriotic Americans everywhere who want to know the truth about Benghazi. 

Chairman Gowdy is asking patriotic Americans who care about Benghazi to bravely step up cry out for action

As a former Marine Lt. Colonel, I’ve never been afraid to be lead the way. Follow me and let’s help Chairman Gowdy. Click here to sign the petition. 

Hillary’s got something to hide…it’s about time we found out what. 

Bill Cowan 
Bill Cowan
Lt Col USMC, (Retired) 

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