Reviews: Inside SEAL Team Six: A Navy Seal at War and True Stories of American Heroism

The greatest book on the topic to date.

As a former Spec Ops Operator who has worked with Don- I can honestly say that this book is %100 accurate and in my view, the greatest book on the topic to date. In the Spec Ops community- don is a legend who has walked his talk. This book is a direct inside view of an elite Tier #1 operator and only a small portion of the actual operations that don and six have done….this is a must read by a true warrior…

Learn the real meaning of heroism.

Don Mann has written a compelling work about the extraordinary lives of those inside Seal Team Six. From the beginning, he grabs your attention with a personal account of one astonishing incident after another about a life that could easily have gone in another direction. He has given us memorable and inspirational lessons in leadership, courage, loyalty, and patriotism with remarkable insight about the ‘best of the best.’ Don explains the obvious need for the redactions so be aware, get beyond them and learn the real meaning of heroism.

You are my main inspiration in life!

by Dexter
Hello Mr.Mann, I look up to you more than anyone else. You are my main inspiration in life! Especially since I have aspired to enter the SEALs since the 7th grade. I’m only 16 and if your even reading this id love to hear back from you! I would love to ask you a few questions about the actions I should take to accomplish my goal of being involved in that service for my life as a career. I read your book as well, very amazing man you are. So please email me back when you get the time!

You are a GREAT American!

by Matt H.
Just read “Inside Seal Team Six” in 2-days……WOW! Great story of your life and very moving for me – You are a GREAT American!

You give the word “tough” a whole new meaning.

by Bill and Diane P.
Inside SEAL Team SIX is amazing! It is hard to understand how you can still be alive after what your body has endured. You give the word “tough” a whole new meaning. James Bond looks like a wimp compared to you. I am so glad that you are on our side!

Thank goodness for Chief Mann!

by Pappy
As a retired Army Special Forces operator I’ve read and continue to enjoy reading books from the other Services’ special operations forces. I’d read “SEAL Target Geronimo” several weeks ago and had, frankly, sworn I’d not read another SEAL authored book for some time to come given how poorly it was written and how, IMHO, misguided the former ST6 author was to have written it at all.

I discovered Don Mann’s book while changing planes on a recent trip and on a hunch bought it.

Don and his co-author offer a great story and an intense read. There’s something for everyone in this book and more than a few highly personal / motivational insights and “lessons learned”. Don’s good-natured (mostly) digs at us “Green Berets” reminded me of all the equally good-natured (mostly) shots we enjoyed and still enjoy taking at our SEAL brothers. His hard-earned and totally objective view of how we in Special Operations view the loss of our teammates in training brought back a few memories and reminders, as well.

I was surprised the author team did not simply provide the Navy’s reviewers with material showing that much of what is redacted (to a distracting degree while reading the book) was and is previously available in the public and should have been left in the book. This takes a little time to research and compile but letting the reviewers get nearly everything they wanted was absurd, especially toward the ending. If not completely clean for publication I’d like to have seen Don and Mr. Pezzullo rewrite the objected to material in such a way it would have conveyed what the author wanted to convey without necessarily compromise.

It the “black bars of secrecy” were left in for some form of spooky effect they, IMHO, failed to do more than cause the chapters affected to lose their otherwise tenor, tone, and high energy pace. Please don’t do this again!

Most of all this, to me, helped in a positive way to blunt the earlier book mentioned. Chief Mann was clearly a monster on the midway, a dedicated warrior and SEAL operator with a lifetime of credentials and experiences, and a man whose own story and stories about others can and will inspire people from all walks of life.

For a SEAL Don didn’t do too bad with his first literary effort :) I hope there is more to come. De Oppresso Liber!

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