Frogman Charities Veterans Day Tribute 2015

FMC_SmallLogoAn Invitation: Support Navy SEAL Veterans by Registering For a Virtual 5K Run/Walk.

At Frogman Charities (FMC), we are committed to serving the United States Navy SEAL community each and every day.

We consider Veterans Day to be a day to recognize and honor all of our military veterans for their patriotism and willingness to serve and sacrifice for our great nation.

Though it is not discussed often, on this Veterans Day we remain a nation at war. We honor the brave men and women that have served our military, including those currently in the fight against terrorism.

As our military personnel continues training for war and deploying to war zones, we pray for their safe return home.

Unfortunately, many will return injured and some will pay the ultimate sacrifice.

We owe it to our military personnel, our veterans and their families to support them in any way possible.

Our military support system, including the VA, etc., simply does not have the resources necessary to provide all of the assistance required to our military personnel, our veterans or their families.

That is why Frogman Charities is committed to raising $1,000,000 for charities that assist our military personnel, our veterans and their families.

In the Naval Special Warfare community alone, the numbers of SEALs killed in action (KIA) and wounded is devastating. (Please see the chart below for additional information.)

Frogman Charities, a nonprofit organization, produces virtual 5K run/walk events that enable people to support the following Navy SEAL charities:

  • Navy SEAL Legacy Foundation
  • UDT / SEAL Association
  • Navy SEALs Fund
  • Navy UDT / SEAL Museum and Memorial
  • Foundation for Navy SEAL Veterans
  • Kyle’s Crusades

I urge you, your family and your friends to register for one of the FMC virtual runs on this Veterans Day.

As you may know, with a Frogman Charities virtual event you visit, select the charity you wish to support and register to do a 5K. Then, since it is virtual, you pick the day, the time, the place and the people you want to run it with.

If you wish to register and then run the 5K later, that is fine. If you wish to be creative and bike or paddle the 5K, that is fine. If you share the news with friends and they want to register as well and join in your 5K, please tell them that we welcome them to Frogman Charities!

By registering for a FMC virtual 5K, you will not only be supporting a charity that supports the Navy SEAL community through fitness, but you will also receive an exclusive finisher’s medal and a finisher’s certificate.

We sincerely appreciate your support of the Frogman Charities mission to assist our SEAL veterans, military personnel and their families. Together, we run as one.


Very best regards,

 Don Mann

CEO and Founder

Frogman Charities


U.S. Navy SEALs Killed In Action



15 KIA


Operation Redwing

11 KIA


Blackhawk Crash

3 KIA 


CH-47 Crash – enemy fire

17 KIA 


Helo Crash

2 KIA 



7 KIA 


Other locations since Desert Storm

26 KIA









49 KIA






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