Frogman Adventures


Frogman Adventures takes small groups of corporate, military, and/or civilian personnel on adventures where they will spend 5 days in the Rockies, whitewater paddling, rappelling off of beautiful cliffs, and summiting a 14,000’ peak as an epic culmination to the adventure.

The Frogman Adventures program focuses on building and increasing self-confidence, enthusiasm and resiliency through participation in outdoor activities and motivational presentations. The social interaction among participants reinforces a sense of success, empowerment, and a reconnection to self.

Our program can be modified to suit all levels of adventure, from minimal to very demanding challenges. We modify our program to meet the needs of the participant.

Frogman Adventures is dedicated to providing high-adventure athletic activities for small groups through outdoor-based adventures.

Our Colorado programs are conducted between June-September.


The ideal course is between 6 – 10 participants.


Don Mann, members of the Frogman Adventures staff, and contracted guides will provide instruction and will accompany the participants through the course.

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