Did Documentary Put SEALs at Risk?

The identity of the man who gave the double-tap shot to end Osama bin Laden’s life is a mystery, even to the president.

(From Norfolk WTKR) — His face and name are likely known well by fellow Virginia Beach-based SEAL Team 6 members, men this former SEAL Team 6 member could have trained since he retired from the military.

“Any SEAL who had the chance to see public enemy number one in their crosshairs is a dream come true,” said Don Mann, a former SEAL.

But Don Mann fears a nightmare is brewing with the details divulged in the Discovery Channel documentary “Secrets of SEAL Team Six.”

Details, he fears, may fuel bin Laden loyalists’ mission for revenge.
“There’s no way in the world they wouldn’t want to target a SEAL Team 6 member’s family,” he says.

The documentary gives a disclaimer about the video, saying it won’t identify which of these men you see are part of SEAL Team 6.
Still, with all the information about the raid government leaders have given the media, Mann fears terrorists could put the pieces together.

“The people I think are compromised now are the active duty seals and their families,” Mann says.

Mann says military methods of operations discovery discussed are damaging, too. From the optical thermal scopes for SEALs’ rifles, to grenades that can burst mid-air and kill targets hiding behind walls and furniture – even a diagram showing where SEALs carry every piece of their arsenal.

“They see the weapons the guys are carrying, they know how many go in, what type of helo, they heard some of the commands, so any of the info that goes out, is harmful to the U.S., to the to the military, the SEAL team,” he says.
Mann won’t confirm with us how accurate the Discovery depictions are, but any type of window into their secret SEAL team world could be a glimpse too much.

“When we get the al Qaeda (information) we learn how they dress, what methods they use, how they carry their weapons, what their tactics are. We learn to combat what they’re doing, and they’re doing the same to us,” he says.

Even with special weapons, technology and gear exposed Mann knows secrets that haven’t been compromised – secrets he and other SEALs will hold on to forever.

“That’s probably a fraction of one percent of the expertise, there’s so much the guys are going,” he says. “They’ll go to the graves with it, with that secret.”

Military leaders have said there is increased security for members of SEAL Team 6. As for Mann, he is writing a book about his experiences as a SEAL. He says it will be more about his personal struggles and far away from any classified information about his life as a SEAL.

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